Inspiring Innovation


The Harvard Undergraduate Global Education Movement (HGEM) is a Harvard student organization that enables Harvard students to engineer a host of international  programs that help shape the thinkers of tomorrow. Our conferences equip students worldwide with the necessary structure, confidence, and drive to introduce impactful ideas to the world. 


Our Innovation Conferences challenge students to research regional social issues and then propose creative and viable university-level solutions. Our Philanthropic Workshops, run in under-resourced communities, help participants worldwide discover their interests and promote the development of practical skills needed for future employment. 


Think Big. Dream Big.


Free yourself from the limitations of circumstance and grow rapidly as both a leader and a person. Gain valuable managerial skills, speak publicly, conduct research, design solutions, and network with industry leaders.


Join thousands as part of the HGEM family and think big.

Create change on a global scale.