Inspiring Innovation


The Harvard Undergraduate Global Education Movement (HGEM) is a Harvard student organization that enables Harvard students to engineer a host of international  programs that help shape the thinkers of tomorrow.


Our Innovation Conferences challenge students to research regional social issues and then propose creative and viable university-level solutions. Our Philanthropic Workshops, run in under-resourced communities, help participants worldwide discover their interests and promote the development of practical skills needed for future employment. 


Think Big. Dream Big.


With an annual budget of over $100,000, HGEM inspires global leadership and presses for real world impact. We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and a recognized student organization at Harvard College.

HGEM is an umbrella organization for seven semi-independent and centrally-funded programs. Our programs are constantly evolving, with many opportunities for innovative new ways of promoting our mission:

  • HGEM Innovation Challenge Dubai

  • HGEM Innovation Challenge Bangalore

  • TUMO Workshop Yerevan


Create change on a global scale.